HRS may be contracted directly by the owner or asset manager to manage the project.  We will be able to assist in managing costs, avoid potential Change Orders, monitor time tables and interact with local Building Department officials and all related parties towards a successful completion.

From a review of your PIP list, to working with qualified design professionals.  Your property's future will require a professional's input at the outset.  We are able to recommend such leading professionals to match your needs and budget, whether you operate an independent hotel or branded property.

Use of leading qualified and experienced General Contractors; GCs who feature experienced superintendents, anticipate all factors, have experience in dealing successfully with building inspectors, and who are able to pull basic permits - who are full-service firms.

Buildings Systems Survey

Hotel Renovation Solutions is please to now provide services to review the condition of key building systems.  This review is invaluable to investors and operators at all stages of ownership.

Our surveys will assist investors in many scenarios, including:


  • Before a hotel is purchased; it can help negotiate an asking price or brand PIP.
  • It may be conducted as a second opinion after a purchase is made to verify the official appraisal.
  • A valuable 'reality check' when management wants to update its CapEx replacement budget.

HRS's surveys will help ownership avoid surprises; surprises that may cost $100,000's, or in some cases, millions of dollars.  Now, ownership can be forewarned in a cost-effective manner.  HRS survey cost may be a third to a quarter of a regular Building Appraisal Cost.




This Building Systems Survey service on hotels is to be assigned by the client.  Surveys may be customized to focus on specific areas of client's concern.  HRS will coordinate a physical visit to hotel property to conduct a review.

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Windows systems
  • Elevators
  • Kitchen
  • Mold/other